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              HEALTH & HABITAT


 Health & Habitat (H & H) is a local (Marin County) 501c3 incorporated in 1987.  It promotes a holistic approach to life, health and the environment through education, research and conservation of natural resources.  H & H looks to protect people from exposure to toxins in their air, water and food.  This often takes the form of monitoring and advising districts, cities and the county on toxin reduction. It champions using the Precautionary Principle approach to all activities*.

H & H is particularly concerned about the 17% of people in Marin who reported on the County’s Health Survey (1998) that they were sensitive to chemicals used every day - including cleaning, laundry, and personal care products.  The percentage is higher today; in some states, a third of the population reports chemical sensitivity; and Gulf War Syndrome has become better recognized.   H & H has concerns about the growing number of people experiencing symptoms from electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation due to the increase of electronic gadgets, WiFi, cell phone towers, and Smart Meters.  It participated in the successful effort to allow utility customers to retain their analog meters (for a fee).  

Protecting Marin’s most vulnerable populations is one of Health & Habitat’s services.  Founder, Dr. Sandy Ross, was a member of Mill Valley’s ADA Committee and also served as a member of a Senate Committee on the Rights of the Disabled.  She was instrumental in formation of the concept and development of the Integrated Pest Management Ordinance passed in 1998 by Marin County, was a member of its IPM Commission, and continues on its Health Council.

H & H encourages and sponsors research on the biosphere with special emphasis on maintaining  natural balance.  It works to preserve and restore areas of ecological importance and scenic beauty, and to conserve natural resources, native species, and habitats.   Here in Marin County, it has helped raise money for Open Space, including North Ridge, and did a base line photo record of vegetation on Mt. Tamalpais.

Health & Habitat has been protecting rain forest in Amazonian Ecuador.  One of the pieces of land it purchased had an Eco-lodge on it, to which Marin schools and other groups went for fifteen years, learning about the importance of saving rain forest and interacting with local schools (  H & H continues to supports two orphanages in Ecuador, receiving funding from a foundation dedicated to educating Spanish speaking orphans.  It also accepts donations for special projects, like helping refugees at a Greek island.  It was recipient of a donation to help purchase a cancer sniffing dog for a research project at a local clinic.

For more information and to make a donation contact, or Health and Habitat Inc., at 76 Lee Street, Mill Valley, CA, 94941, 415-363-6130,



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